Radiation Oncology Information

At Essentia Health

There are several types of helpful information about radiation therapy from Essentia Health and the National Cancer Institute (NCI) in this section. These include:

  • Your Health Care Team which includes a description of each team member
  • New Patient and Family Teaching Folder which provides up-to-date radiation therapy information from Essentia Health and the Managing Radiation Therapy Fact Sheet on Fatigue from the NCI
  • Contact Information for times when we need to call you about your appointment
  • Radiation Oncology Phone Number for your Questions - our phone number to call If you have any questions or concerns

Your Health Care Team

A Radiation Oncologist is a doctor who specializes in radiation therapy. He or she will prescribe the type and number of treatments you will receive. Your doctor will see you once a week to check your progress and answer your questions.

A Radiation Therapy Nurse gives your nursing care. He or she will teach you about your treatments and any side effects you might have.

A Radiation Therapist gives you the radiation treatment each day.

A Registered Dietitian can suggest ways to help you eat healthy and improve your appetite. Ask to see a dietitian if you have questions about food or eating.

A Radiation Social Worker can help with lodging, transportation, financial aid, home care, equipment, supports groups and other services.

The Dosimetrist and Physicist develop your treatment plan. They also maintain the quality of our equipment.

Scheduling Coordinators will help you schedule your treatments. Hours are 8 a.m. to 4:30 p.m.

A Chaplain will gladly talk with you about spiritual, cultural or emotional issues.

New Patient and Family Teaching Folder

For patients and family members new to radiation therapy, this folder contains six information documents in PDF format that can help you. These can be viewed, downloaded and printed on your desktop or laptop computer, smartphone or tablet. Press or touch "Learn More" Below:

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Contact Information

There may be times we need to call you about your appointment. Please let the front desk staff know the correct number to reach you if:

  • Your phone number changes.
  • You prefer that we call your cell phone.
  • You are staying in town at a hotel or with a friend or relative.


If you have any questions or concerns, please call:

•  Radiation Oncology - (218) 786-1311

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